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Coaching - Lessons - Video - Packages


Whether you're a complete novice, or just looking to improve your surfing techniques, our 1 on 1 personalized instruction will give you the techniques and, more importantly, the confidence to go out and ride waves on your own.

Private 1 on 1 lessons

$140 / 2 hrs


Want to surf with a friend? At the California Surf Academy, we are well equipped to handle groups of any size and ability level. Whether it's a family trip to the beach or a corporate event, we can accommodate everyone!

Private group lessons

$120 per person / 2 hrs


One session per week, over a 4 week period. Learn everything you need to know to surf safely and advance your technique in the water! Includes in-depth video analysis, daily drills/exercises and a personalized step-by-step progression plan.

progression package


Go deep into the your surfing with our video analysis. We review and break down your technique with a step by step analysis that is personalized to you.

video package

$130 per person / 1 hrs

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