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$700 USD

about the California Longboard Clinics

Are you an intermediate longboarder trying to take your logging to the next level? Do you struggle with cross stepping, noseriding or turns? Have you been thinking of going on a surf retreat to learn and improve? If so, our California Longboard Clinics are for you. In half the time, and at half the cost of a surf retreat, we will cover everything one needs to know to start improving their longboard surfing. Over the course of 2 days we will help take your longboarding to the next step. Through personalized in-water coaching, video analysis of every session and on the beach workshops and Q&A sessions, we will provide you with all the tools, knowledge and practice needed to advance your surfing and reach your goals. We keep our group size small (5 people max) to make sure we are not crowding the spot but also to ensure that everyone gets the attention and personalized instruction they need. See below for what you can expect during one of our weekend clinics!

What to expect

  • 2 days of longboard coaching

    • 2 sessions per day​

    • In-water coaching

    • Video analysis every session 

  • On The Beach Prep & Practice

  • Lunch provided both days

  • Surfboard & Fin demos

  • Longboard technique & theory workshop / Q&A

  • Board design and Fin selection workshop / Q&A

  • Copies of all of your raw video clips with the option of voice over coaching & feedback for you to reference whenever needed. 


Instruction On

  • Where, When, Why & How To

    • Cross Step

    • Noseride

    • Cutback

    • Fade Turn Takeoffs

    • Angled Takeoffs

    • Stall

    • Trim

    • And Much More!

  • "The Longboarding Formula"

  • Navigating A Line Up

  • Wave Selection

  • Wave Reading

  • Surf Style and Proper Posture

  • Board & Fin Selection

  • Out Of Water Drills & Practice Routines​

  • Realistic Goal Setting

  • The Importance of Repetition

  • Reading Surf Forecasts and swell charts​​


  • The Clinics will be held in the San Clemente area at some of the premier longboard waves located in the area. The exact beach location of our clinic will be determined based on the surf forecast for that weekend.

  • We schedule the clinics at beaches, or areas of the beach, that are the least crowded to ensure that all of our students can get their maximum amount of waves without crowding, or being crowded by other surfers. It's all about respect in the water!


Or email

for more details and dates

Call +1 (949) 379-2521

Requirements to Apply

  • Must be able to catch waves on your own. (For this clinic, we do not push clients into the waves).

  • Must be able to surf down the line. AKA must be able to surf right or left on a wave.

  • Must be able to paddle out into the line up without physical assistance.

  • Must have own longboard (We will provide a small selection of longboards for everyone to demo, however, you will be using your own board for the majority of the coaching sessions).

  • Must be comfortable in a line up with other people. (We do our best to surf in areas with the least amount of people. However, in Southern California, it is rare to get a quality surf session without other surfers in the water. Don't worry we will be showing you ways to maximize your wave count even in crowded settings).

What you bring

  • Surfboard(s)

  • Wetsuit(s)

  • Towel

  • Beach Chair (we will provide seating, but if you have a favorite feel free to bring it along).

  • Water Bottle (we will have water available, but in order to reduce any waste, we recommend bringing your own water bottle).

  • Sunscreen

  • Good attitude and willingness to learn!

  • Anything else you feel that you would need for a day at the beach!

what we bring

  • Lunch will be provided (It will be a simple/healthy lunch to help fuel are day of surf. If you have particular dietary restrictions, please let us know in the application form).

  • Water

  • Snacks

  • Beach Seats

  • Fins and Surfboards to demo.

  • USB memory sticks for all of your videos taken over the weekend.

  • Knowledge, tips, tricks and a supportive and inclusive enviornment. 


Or email

for more details and dates

Call +1 (949) 379-2521


About the coach

My name is Alek Rockrise and I am the founder of The California Surf Academy and the head coach of our longboard clinics. I have been coaching and giving lessons all over the world & to all levels of surfers for the last decade. Over the last several years, I have noticed an increase in demand from intermediate level surfers wanting to learn more and improve on their traditional longboard surfing without having to travel to far off surf retreats where the focus on vacation and R&R often outweighs the focus on surfing. Hence, the California Longboard Clinics were born. Two days of focused longboard coaching in technique, theory and key principles that make up traditional logging.

I grew up in Texas where surfing was hard and a rare occurance. Far removed from the big surfing communities on the East and West Coasts of the States, I was left to my own devices and had to teach myself how to longboard without any guidance or advice. I worked hard and studied and absorbed any knowledge I could from movies and magazines. Practicing my footwork and technique on land while waiting out the long, summer flat spells that the Gulf of Mexico is so famous for. 

Over the years I have developed my own approach to traditional longboarding and it has served me well. Through my dedication and love for longboarding, I have been able to achieve most of my competetive goals. I have won multiple state and national surfing titles. I am a former competitor of the World Longboard Tour and previous invitee to Joel Tudors "Vans Duct Tape Invitational" and Relik events.


I still continue to compete but have found a new love for sharing my knowledge and helping other surfers improve their longboarding. I often wish that when I was beginning my longboard journey that I had someone, or some resource, to help point me in the right direction and speed up the learning curve. I firmly believe that anybody can learn the nuances and techniques to be a good longboarder if they are given a little bit of "insider" knowledge and put in the work in and out of the water. After all, if a kid from Texas living an hour away from the beach can do it, anybody else can too!


The Southern California Coast is North Americas surf mecca for wave riders of all abilities. From San Diego to Los Angeles, you can find a rideable wave on any given day. At The California Surf Academy, we have the immense fortune to offer our services in beautiful San Clemente, California. Located right were San Diego County ends and Orange County begins, it is perhaps the most well known surf town in the United States. The town consistently pumps out World Tour Competitors and is the home of Lower trestles, a world tour stop and the most consistent wave in the United States. 

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